Kalling Kingdom
Without a hero, how will the kingdom citizens live?
In Kalling Kingdom, you are the founder of your own city, a fledgling village within a grassy clearing of a fantasy world. There are no grand heroes in this story but instead the struggles of your new citizens under your leadership. If successful, the village can profit in the world market, help others, and elevate families into new futures. With the wrong decisions, the town will crumble and be abandoned by unhappy prior inhabitants or worse: be overcome by the murderous night monsters!

Turn-Based Strategy
The game advances one turn at a time but this is no "4X" or massive strategy experience. Instead, you're only focused on your own village. A standard game runs 60 turns, or about 25 minutes.

Simulated World
The world market, diplomacy, random events or moral dilemmas, and available people to hire into the town's businesses are all algorithmically generated, providing a varying experience each replay. The market will have boom and bust cycles, depressions and spikes, and is key to your city accumulating wealth. In down economic times, businesses will struggle to bring in money and in propserous eras: easily pull in great funds.


Attacks from the night monsters, magic, and alternate rules of reality! This is not your orindary city builder. But some things never change from the real-world: there's still taxes, incomes, expenses, and economics. Where the game introduces magic, you'll also find consistency in the world's rules.

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